ART SAND technology management of wastewater:

  • Eliminates pharmaceutics from wastewater
  • Eliminates endocrine disruptors from wastewater
  • Reduces personal care products from wastewater
  • Eliminates microbial and viral contamination on technical water level  
  • Allows recycling of wastewater and its use for technical application
  • Helps to maintain primary water source in the area
  • Significantly reduces the risk of sanctions for industrial businesses 

ART SAND is next generation adsorption material for reduction of microbial and viral contamination of wastewater on the technical water level allowing its recycling and reuse. 

Material ART SAND eliminates water micropollutants and organic substances which current technology cannot reliably remove or their removal is financially challenging. These substances from water treatment plants then usually continue to rivers serving as drinking water sources for more people downstream. 

Our material is suitable for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants ensuring wastewater recycling for technical purposes.



Today's law stipulates how to treat wastewater, but so far it does not allow it to be reused for technical use. But this situation will soon change. The European Union is preparing a directive regulating this situation. Recycled wastewater must meet hygiene limits in order to be considered useful for technical applications. Technical water can be used for a number of applications in households, urban areas, agricultural and livestock production, as well as industrial plants. The potential applications of recycled wastewater in individual sectors are summarized below.


The Czech Republic is still a country rich in water resources. However, we still use quality natural water sources for up to 70% of all our activities (from drinking through washing, flushing, industrial production to street cleaning), which we consider to be a waste. But with increasingly dry years, this situation will not be sustainable in the long term, and we will have to resort to recycling and reuse of wastewater for technical use.


Switzerland was the first country to form a law about eliminating pharmaceutical residues from wastewater. The government funds 75% of local towns and businesses to reach the efficient level of drug removal in 2040.