Benefits of ART SAND technology for swimming pool water:

  • Removal of bacteria and virus without chemicals
  • Reduction or elimination of need of chlorination
  • Without chlorination by-products like the toxic trihalomethanes 
  • Reduction of chlorine odor
  • Reduction of negative health impacts connected to inhaling chlorine and chlorine's contact with skin 
  • With no need of a new equipment


Whether we swim for fun, sports, or health, we expect the water to benefit us. Pool water wets our whole body and when swimming we often take it in our mouths. Especially, our children are likely to drink pool water. Chlorination is still the most popular method for swimming pool water disinfection. Although chlorine kills all microorganisms, including viruses, many toxic substances, collectively called disinfection by-products, are produced. Both skin and mouth are the pathways through which these substances enter the body. Chlorine kills not only bacteria contained in the water but also beneficial bacteria that symbiotically reside on our skin. The body releases organic substances into water, which then reacts with chlorine to form disinfection by-products. Many epidemiological studies have linked the effect of chlorine in pool water with respiratory problems and nasal bleeding. A detailed scholarly study by a reputable organization can be found here.



ART SAND is an innovative patented filter material based on immobilized carbon nanotubes, which excels in adsorption and disinfection properties. Unlike activated carbon, ART SAND does not grow microorganisms that often release toxic metabolites into the water. ART SAND can be filled into existing pressure filters without the need for additional investment.