Traditional technologies for drinking water treatment are not effective enough. They occupy too much space, are less effective, and require high  initial investment. They proceed from technological concepts of the past century.

ART SAND Process presents drinking water treatment solution based on patented adsorbent, using immobilized CNT with modular adsorption column.

ART SAND Process for drinking water

  • Bad taste, color, or odor of drinking water which is still full of microorganisms becomes past.

  • No more pesticides, drug residues, and endocrine disruptors in your drinking water! We have far better results of drinking water quality than imposed by the current legislature.

  • ART SAND Processed water is healthier! We decrease the formation of side-products of water disinfection (trihalomethanes and cyanobacterial metabolites).

  • Preserves all minerals in treated water. 

  • The modular system of the adsorbent column with surprisingly low operation costs. Thanks to GSM monitoring and controlling you won't be wasting your precious time.

  • The unique process of on-site adsorbent regeneration allows easy and effortless re-use.

  • 10 times faster adsorption kinetic makes investment and operation cost up to 50% lower when comparing with GAC.

  • Health at first! Our adsorbent ART SAND, certified for drinking water treatment, secures sanitary drinking water. Thank its antimicrobial and antiviral properties. 

How does regeneration work?


Why does ART SAND Process work?

Rapid adsorption kinetic of ART SAND Process technology is key functional property. See  yourself in the video below.

ART SAND Process technology exhibit pasive antimicrobial properties.



It can remove a wide range of organic pollutants from water.


We cooperate with Chemoprojekt and Technoexport companies which provide engineering work and installation of the technology.





Disposal of used regeneration agent (e.i. dangerous waste) for free.


We guarantee our technology and Art Sand process. Money-back guarantee contract.

Try ART SAND Process for free.


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